Welcome to the web pages of the training program MARKETING FOR NON-MARKETERS, designed for managers who want to participate in their company´s marketing management.


Who is a marketer?

Who, then, is a non-marketer?

A company manager, who deals with marketing issues professionally and for whom marketing represents a primary scope of his work.


or also ... :-))

… A Big Spender who ridiculously spends way too much money, which others in the firm had to earn with their sweat... (Production Manager, FMCG company)

… An irrational and peculiar character, who only sits around all day on a caffeine and nicotine high, and then leaves early in the evening to, "monitor the production of another TV commercial." ... (Finance Director, telecomunications)

… The hot shot, who when meeting with the boss, pretends to be our client's lawyer … (Product Director, financial institution)

… That crazed maniac who only adds operational and bureaucratic headaches to our daily life … (Operation Manager, B2C service company)

… That´s him

Let us know how you see marketers.

A company manager, whose specialization is not marketing but other business area. For example finance, law, information technology, human resources, logistics, sales, production, service, research and development, quality etc.



The Program offers an opportunity to:

1) become familiar with elementary practical marketing tasks

2) learn the easy way to solve them


All in just 2 days


Our other training programs:


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(2 days)

Elementary course for junior marketers


Advanced Brand Management
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Avanced course for marketers with 2-3 years experience on the position of BM or similar


New Product Development
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Training for the whole management team, responsible for development of new product

Smart Team Building
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Training for the employee teams at all managerial levels

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